In Short

In short: brief podcast episodes telling compelling science stories.

22 June 2016

Exercising four hours after learning has been shown to boost long term memory.

16 June 2016

Could genetic testing help identify who is at risk from dying young?

10 June 2016

A new type of carbon capture that can convert carbon dioxide into limestone.

08 June 2016

What does it take to build a 57.5km tunnel?

07 June 2016

When given the choice of plastic particles or zooplankton, fish prefer to eat plastic.

07 June 2016

What you feed a macrophage can change its behaviour.

06 June 2016

What if there was one vaccine that could protect against all the many forms of cancer?

27 May 2016

We are consuming too much salt as a nation, but what does this mean for our health?

23 May 2016

Botox impairs your ability to read the emotion of others

20 May 2016

Do frogs jump out of boiling water but stay in if you heat them slowly? No frogs harmed...

19 May 2016

Get a sneak preview of the new robot exhibition at the Science Museum in London.

16 May 2016

Researchers have found a new link in the theory of how life began on early Earth.

16 May 2016

Solving the Zika puzzle - Scientists have developed a new mouse model to study Zika

16 May 2016

From maths hacks to poker playing bots - Can science help you win big?

06 May 2016

Poo is much more than just a disgusting waste product.

06 May 2016

What are the things you need to think about when deciding to sequence your genome?

06 May 2016

60% of people in Saudi Arabia are breaking up marriages due to genetic testing.

29 April 2016

Are morning vaccinations more effective?

25 April 2016

Did our limbs evolve from the gills of fish?

21 April 2016

Should we be leaving archaeological finds in the ground?

20 April 2016

When it comes to the brain, size doesn't matter. It's what you do with it that counts.

18 April 2016

Research demonstrates that LSD could have therapeutic properties, should we make it legal?

18 April 2016

Computer model suggests the threat of sexual disease led to widespread monogamy...

25 March 2016

How many satellites are out there, and what can they do for us?