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11 July 2017

Why do the fastest stars in the galaxy only appear in one part of the sky?

07 July 2017

Cambridge University neuroscientists have invented a memory-boosting app called GameShow, designed to help patients in...

07 July 2017

Some beaches are made of silky sands, and elsewhere pebbles are plentiful... But why?

30 June 2017

UCL researchers have created a device for patients with nystagmus - wobbliness of the eyes. Instead of being able to...

29 June 2017

How do birds end up with differently-shaped eggs?

29 June 2017

Recent heatwaves had everyone reaching for the sunscreen. But what effect are they having on our health?

22 May 2017

Where did the agent that locked hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide come from?

17 May 2017

Can turning back the clock be key to protecting ourselves against viruses?

11 May 2017

A new method to turn greenhouse gas methane into methanol...

10 May 2017

From solving crime scenes to hunting wildlife criminals, Team Three demystify forensic genetics.

10 May 2017

Miss In Vitro, Miss In Vivo and Miss In Silico battle it out to become the Next Genetics Top Model.

10 May 2017

From genetics to computer programming, Team One explore outbreaks of infectious diseases.

21 March 2017

A biochemical test for autism has been developed by scientists in the US...

10 March 2017

Palaeontologists find discoveries in the dental plaque of neanderthals

21 February 2017

Social media campaigns in aid of charities and social causes can have a huge impact, if they last long enough to be...

16 February 2017

Tiny sensor capable of transmitting information over a week from inside the body and powered by stomach acid has been...

08 February 2017

Some viruses may benefit from being less aggressive in women than in men.

24 January 2017

A chemical found in dogfish sharks blocks a protein from accumulating and damaging brain nerve cell membranes.

24 January 2017

How are organisms in the Arctic coping with climate change?

06 January 2017

First piece of evidence to suggest other mammals also benefit from bigger brains.

05 January 2017

Dark energy's distribution in the night sky is being mapped...

19 December 2016

Connie attends a live cheetah dissection, and finds out about the world's speediest cat.

15 December 2016

500 year old clams have provided a unique window into how the climate has been changing.

14 December 2016

A new antidote to carbon monoxide poisoning has been developed by scientists in America.