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04 May 2020

The 'myc' gene, linked to most human cancers, unexpectedly turns out to help heart cells divide...

02 May 2020

Experts acknowledge that you probably can't catch Covid-19 again, at least in the short term...

29 April 2020

How are universities coping with Covid? What will the impact be?

28 April 2020

A chemical contaminant, commonly found in plastics, has been linked to increased risk of pre-term birth...

25 April 2020

Human trials on Covid-19 vaccines kick off in the UK. So what kind of protection might we expect?

24 April 2020

With spring very much sprung here in the UK, what better time than now to get those fingers green!

23 April 2020

Join us for a giggle with science comedian Fran Chadha-Day...

19 April 2020

Will a vaccine against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus be forthcoming, and what other measures are effective at fighting...

13 April 2020

Are people becoming reinfected, or are the tests just poor? And how, and when, will we return to normality post-...

11 April 2020

The risk of bringing home coronavirus on your groceries is very low, but what's the best way to minimise the...

08 April 2020

What traits make urban birds successful?

04 April 2020

What's the evidence that a facemask works for SARS-CoV-2, and is the lockdown working?

25 March 2020

How similar is lettuce grown in space to lettuce grown on Earth?

21 March 2020

The scientific basis for the tactics deployed against SARS-CoV-2 doesn't currently have an end game...

18 March 2020

Seagulls use human touch as a cue to identify good food - but how exactly do you test that?

14 March 2020

The UK stance is currently at odds with the response across Europe. Is this the right approach to controlling the...

11 March 2020

The energy from wastewater could power every house in Mexico and the USA

03 March 2020

As cases climb beyond 80,000, how is the world reacting?

28 February 2020

Cannabis can make people misremember key events - or even remember things that never actually happened...

14 February 2020

What helps a zoo pull in the punters?

14 February 2020

How big a diamond could you make with the carbon in a piece of coal?

13 February 2020

Charcoal incorporated into mud wasp nests has timestamped important indigenous art in Australia's Kimberley region...

08 February 2020

The World Health Organisation declare the Chinese coronavirus outbreak a global health emergency. Chris Smith returns...

06 February 2020

Chris Smith's appearance on Radio New Zealand National, January 2020