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29 October 2019

Overweight children have less grey matter in the front parts of the brain...

25 October 2019

Analysis of old texts can shed light on wellbeing back in history...

23 October 2019

Increasing the activity of mutated genes makes cancer cells stand out to the immune system...

16 October 2019

A flexible robot - thinner than a piece of thread - that can be controlled using a magnetic field and snake its way...

15 October 2019

Fridges with improved efficiency could be the spin off from new technology that uses twisted materials to create a...

08 October 2019

A new prosthesis for a lost limb can communicate with the wearer's nervous system...

02 October 2019

How do gene therapy techniques work, and what are the risks?

05 September 2019

The government might change planning restrictions to allow taller masts. Will the signal be worth the eyesore?

04 September 2019

Can bacteria help cool the climate?

03 September 2019

Worldwide, nearly 40 million people are infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Here's the Quick Fire...

03 September 2019

Human papilloma viruses are the cause of cervical and head and neck cancers in men and women.

03 September 2019

Up to 10% of young people are infected with chlamydia. Here's the Quick Fire Science, from Phil Sansom...

21 August 2019

How has a gene for resistance evolved long before the antiseptic it's resistant to?

01 August 2019

The Science Behind Jet Engines

30 July 2019

What might iron-deficiency mean for the heart?

29 July 2019

What can we expect in the future?

26 July 2019

Supposedly, you can survive on only 473 genes - if you're a bacterium. But what do these genes actually do?

23 July 2019

Every summer in the mid-Atlantic, a monstrous island of brown seaweed has been growing...

23 July 2019

For the first time, a full map of all the neurons in a worm's body...

19 July 2019

It is now almost certain that alien technology is not a viable explanation for Oumuamua’s peculiar traits

04 July 2019

Scientists have found a hidden weakness of the superbug MRSA...

03 July 2019

Bonus interview: With the constant development of electric cars, what will the future of racing look like?

01 July 2019

Can scientists genetically alter plants, to make them more sensitive to light?