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01 January 2019

Lawrence Jones, CEO of UKFast, and Chris Smith, of the Naked Scientists, in conversation...

21 December 2018

How does the liver repair itself so well?

20 December 2018

Hundreds of tiny robots that together are greater than the sum of their parts.

20 December 2018

Singing Scientist Rishi Nag wrote us a Christmas song...

20 December 2018

A new way of hunting down cancer is much more accurate than previous attempts

19 December 2018

How to cut down on carbon and waste this Christmas!

17 December 2018

A new device produces clean water and superheated steam using solar energy.

13 December 2018

A new device that can perform single cell biopsies.

07 December 2018

Will toddlers with good language skills still be doing well in 10 years time?

04 December 2018

A tiny version of a human placenta will help investigate mysteries of pregnancy.

30 November 2018

Soft robots need a nervous system, too

28 November 2018

Imagining a threat activates the same brain process as real exposure.

26 November 2018

Scientists have been using gallium to poison bacteria...

23 November 2018

Tackling malaria family planning through computer modelling

19 November 2018

Can we use our bodies to fight back against cancer?

19 November 2018

Reprogramming your skin cells could one-day fight skin cancer.

19 November 2018

An international team of scientists have detected light from the most luminous galaxy known...

13 November 2018

How WW1 impacted how we treat head injuries, then and now.

09 November 2018

Will AI be making the medicines of the future, and how clever are ravens?

08 November 2018

Non-genetic traits inherited between generations are rarer than previously thought, according to a new study in Cell.

02 November 2018

How do we learn about the genetics of cancer?

01 November 2018

This month's highlights from the world of neuroscience research...

30 October 2018

How can we observe things we can't see?

26 October 2018

After a millennium of fighting tuberculosis, we still cannot eradicate it due to emerging antibiotic resistance, but...