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11 June 2019

Heart plasters to replace heart muscle in patients recovering from a heart attack

10 June 2019

A new compound, based on the heavy metal ruthenium, destroys antibiotic-resistant bacteria...

06 June 2019

CRISPR gene edited twins have been found to have a 21% higher mortality rate from flu before the age of 76

28 May 2019

How are scientists quantifying air pollution?

24 May 2019

Redefining a unit of measurement that was invented in 1799 has required the entire metric system to change

24 May 2019

Tiny obstacle courses show bacteria adapt their movement to maintain speed.

20 May 2019

Destroyed structures have been found as glass particles on beaches.

16 May 2019

Meet Tyrannosaurus' pint-sized ancestor, revealed after being hidden away for twenty years.

15 May 2019

Prominent rules in online forums decrease harassment and rule-breaking, and increase participation.

12 May 2019

Should there be a limit on how much testosterone a woman can have?

10 May 2019

How quickly do biodegradable bags break down?

03 May 2019

The largest ever genome-wide study of bipolar has found important new genetic links.

03 May 2019

Farming was imported to Britain by migrants, not adopted by locals, according to new ancient DNA study.

02 May 2019

Scientists learn how the foetal membrane works to prevent pre-term births.

18 April 2019

AI is being used to predict the lifetime of batteries, saving time and money in battery development.

15 April 2019

What is the Event Horizon Telescope revealing to us about black holes?

15 April 2019

Renewable energy is more likely to help tackle climate change than capturing carbon dioxide from power plants.

12 April 2019

An advanced camera captures an ancient star.

05 April 2019

New wearable cancer blood-testing device plugs directly into patients’ veins to test continuously.

02 April 2019

New results from the LHC reveal the structure of exotic particles called pentaquarks.

31 March 2019

Breakthrough makes new catalyst technology possible...

29 March 2019

Using the randomness of sprayed microparticles to prevent forgery

27 March 2019

Sleep feels refreshing and we're groggy without it - but what actually causes it?

22 March 2019

A holey piece of swiss-cheese plastic can do complex maths in a millionth of a second