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04 November 2020

Who came up with daylight savings time, and why do we still have it today?

03 November 2020

A new technique that breaks down plastics to make useful products

02 November 2020

Examining the environmental impacts of different types of glitter

31 October 2020

Graphs are everywhere at the moment, so here are some practical tips for how not to be misled...

29 October 2020

Britain recently began a diplomatic campaign to draw up new rules for responsible behaviour in space...

28 October 2020

Boris Johnson has committed to increasing the area of protected land in the UK to 30% by 2030...

26 October 2020

The bacteria they carry, rather than the genetics of an individual bee, is what enables bees to recognise their colony...

19 October 2020

What do creatures on Earth tell us about the limits on life from other planets? A new book explains...

14 October 2020

The training you get at university will only last you 5 years now, so how do you keep current, post-Covid?

08 October 2020

As coronavirus cases surge again, we review the latest Covid-19 news...

02 October 2020

15,000 students are arriving for the new academic year at Cambridge University: what experience awaits them?

01 October 2020

Welcome to the end of the universe. Which one will we get? We discuss astrophysicist Katie Mack's new book...

25 September 2020

Can we control animals' attention using magical techniques?

22 September 2020

Using CRISPR in mice to reverse symptoms of the most common form of adult onset muscular dystrophy

21 September 2020

AstraZeneca's Covid vaccine trial was temporarily halted recently. Why? And what does this mean for our chances of...

13 September 2020

Why AstraZeneca halted their coronavirus vaccine trial, signs vapers are at 5 times the risk, and the role of...

07 September 2020

Too embarrassed to share your dreams? You might be able to skip the psychologist altogether...

04 September 2020

With incredible temperatures in August, what's so special about Death Valley?

01 September 2020

Using the accelerometer in your phone to tell you if you're over the driving limit

28 August 2020

How a specific gene is regulated effects how likely you are to develop PTSD

22 August 2020

What are the latest developments in the coronavirus pandemic?

21 August 2020

Nerves that make hair stand on end send messages to make hair grow

19 August 2020

Although giant pandas are no longer endangered, their reserves have seen big carnivores almost disappear...

17 August 2020

Human sperm shown to be successful wonky swimmers