In Short

In short: brief podcast episodes telling compelling science stories.

08 February 2016

A British researcher has been given the green light to genetically modify human embryos

03 February 2016

Sperm Whales have been washing up on beaches all over western Europe, what happened?

02 February 2016

What makes a successful conspiracy? One evil genius and no minions!

27 January 2016

On the set and behind the scenes of medical drama Call the Midwife.

25 January 2016

Could hibernating animals provide a cure for free radical damage in humans?

18 January 2016

How can we use Big Data for national security without invading the privacy of individuals?

18 January 2016

New therapy might act by blocking signals that drive growth of cancer cells

22 December 2015

Dogs drink in a very distinctive way, lapping up water. But, how exactly do they do it?

21 December 2015

What have world leaders signed up to at COP21 and are the climate commitments achievable?

21 December 2015

Tim Peak embarked on his journey to space on Tuesday but what will he do once he's there?

18 December 2015

A plant protein used to communicate with friendly soil fungi has been identified

18 December 2015

What was the most momentous bit of science that you heard about this year?

15 December 2015

You've probably never heard of them but their technology is everywhere...

07 December 2015

Researchers have linked a gene with your ability to stop smoking.

02 December 2015

Research this week has revealed why loneliness can be a bigger killer than obesity.

01 December 2015

Compulsive sexual behaviour is driven by the huge novelty provided by online material

27 November 2015

A new supergene has been identified that determines breeding strategies in ruffs

13 November 2015

It has been shown for the first time that environmental sounds can convey emotions.

13 November 2015

Do you remember when you went through puberty and when is the healthiest time for it?

11 November 2015

We've all heard of Novak Djokovic's tennis racket but what else can graphene be used for?

11 November 2015

New research shows that DNA mutations may be less random than previously thought.

10 November 2015

Prevention is better than cure. We know the causes, now how do we stop breast cancer?

09 November 2015

Long awaited vaccine for life threatening respiratory virus could be around the corner.

09 November 2015

E-Cigarettes seem to be everywhere but are they healthy or harmful and what's in them?