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27 April 2021

Scientists have highlighted a receptor in the brain that might be a useful drug target in anorexia...

26 April 2021

Scientists are unearthing Neanderthal genetics thanks to a breakthrough in DNA analysis

20 April 2021

A new treatment for paracetamol overdose found more effective than current one, tested in mice

12 April 2021

New research has found a gene that looks to be the reason why rabbits, and perhaps all bouncing mammals hop.

09 April 2021

Spinosaurus lived near water. But did it swim like a crocodile, or hunt like a heron? A new paper weighs in...

08 April 2021

Scientists working in a seed bank found a whole world of associated microbes...

02 April 2021

The mystery of the toxin killing bald Eagles across the USA has finally been solved

01 April 2021

Scientists think that a yeast used in the food industry may be causing issues in Crohn's sufferers guts...

31 March 2021

How can smoke travel up beyond the lower atmosphere?

17 March 2021

This snail has a venom cocktail that includes similar chemicals to those that worms use to mate...

04 March 2021

What can egg-xperiments tell us about the physics of concussion?

03 March 2021

Could the drug semaglutide be used to treat obesity?

02 March 2021

A new way to repair diseased livers has been unveiled by University of Cambridge researchers...

01 March 2021

How does herd immunity work in practice, and are the vaccines we have likely to achieve it?

28 February 2021

Coronavirus variants, the latest on the vaccines and vaccine hesitancy, and why big flu outbreaks might be hot on Covid...

23 February 2021

Scientists have shown that antidepressant paroxetine may be useful in osteoarthritis...

22 February 2021

Was the Arctic ocean once actually freshwater?

16 February 2021

Female crickets listen to male songs to pick their partner. It seems they're getting distracted...

11 February 2021

The Australian government is demanding the tech giant pays for news content

09 February 2021

Meet the millipedes that are disrupting train timetables!

05 February 2021

Turns out that plant roots choose to stop growing in compacted soils...

03 February 2021

Could playing music to patients during surgery impact the amount of pain they feel afterwards?

30 January 2021

Accusations of "despicable behaviour" see the EU backtrack on vaccine regulations. What's the current...

27 January 2021

A new study shows why cats love silver vine, which is like catnip, with bonus mosquito-repelling properties