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22 January 2021

We often take knitted garments for granted, but how did knitting evolve through history?

15 January 2021

Some people get off Scot free, while others have a very rough time. Why?

05 January 2021

A new small and flamboyantly dressed dinosaur fossil was described back in December

23 December 2020

Do Covid-19 vaccines prevent disease but not infection or infectivity, and will be new variant overcome the protection...

22 December 2020

We explored the science involved in some winter holiday celebrations from around the world

17 December 2020

The first human clinical trial for a universal flu vaccine has had very promising results...

16 December 2020

Researchers have created a type of inhaled vaccine that seems to produce a robust immune response...

11 December 2020

Some people have reported having more bizarre dreams during lockdowns, and now scientists are interested

04 December 2020

The AstraZeneca Oxford University Covid-19 vaccine results were announced recently, but something wasn't quite...

03 December 2020

Using artificial intelligence to predict the onset of dementia years earlier than human doctors

02 December 2020

Studying their suction cups to understand how this touch-taste system works

01 December 2020

Scientists estimate that as many as 1 in 22 cases of childhood obesity could be due to advertising

01 December 2020

Carlos "Ocelote" Rodriguez discusses running one of the biggest eSports teams in the world...

30 November 2020

Scientists in scuba gear have found a promising new drug to treat dangerous fungal diseases

27 November 2020

Scientists have nailed down how neurons in the brain make choices between different options

26 November 2020

A new project to characterise the whiffs of history

19 November 2020

Pfizer and BioNTech have concluded the Phase 3 trial of their coronavirus vaccine...

17 November 2020

Injecting material made from myelin-producing brain cells can turn off multiple sclerosis...

15 November 2020

How does this new RNA-based approach work, for how long, and is it safe?

14 November 2020

What was the Swedish approach to COVID, and how successful has it been?

11 November 2020

Hundreds of thousands of people have it - but many don't understand it...

09 November 2020

What have we learned about Covid19 immunity, incubation periods, testing and mink?

06 November 2020

Are there financial benefits to lockdowns?

05 November 2020

Your friends are all more popular than you, and other lessons from David Sumpter's new book